Referral program

Jax.Money offers you a wide range of opportunities to earn money. A referral program is one of the easiest ways to do that. Just invite your friends to use our platform and receive up to 70%* referral commission on their transactions.

How to earn up to 70%* referral commission

  1. Send a transaction to a friend or acquaintance that will find the Jax.Money platform useful.

  2. As soon as your referral recipient makes the first transaction, you will get a 70% referral commission from the transaction fees** taken on all their transactions.

  3. If your referral recipient invites somebody else, you will also get 10% of the referral commission on each transaction carried out by them.

  4. The same is true if the latter sends a transaction to one of her friends.

  5. And finally, after the third person refers the fourth, you will get 10%.

Invite more friends to receive more referral commissions!

Learn more about our amazing referral program here:

*The referral commission comprises 50% of the transaction fee. You get a 70% referral commission from the 50% only on the transactions carried out by the person you invited directly to join Jax.Money and who hasn’t registered an account with us yet. All other new users invited by your referrals will bring you a 10% commission from all their transaction fees.

**The referral commission is usually set around 10% of the transaction fee.

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