How to earn yield as a liquidity provider?

Jax.Money offers LPs a chance to receive extra yield for adding localized derivatives issued on the platform to DEXs.

If you want to become an LP, first of all, you need to deposit the initial investment either in BUSD or WJAX on PancakeSwap or in BUSD on Jax.Money. If you choose the DEX platform, PancakeSwap rules for liquidity provision are applied.

As for Jax.Money, the smart contract automatically locks half of your deposit in BUSD and converts the other half to WJAX. As a reward, you receive yield on a daily basis in WJXN.

The yield comes from the transaction and markup fees collected by the contract each time a currency swap or a transaction occurs. The yield share for liquidity providers from Jax.Money is distributed in WJXN and set by the governor.

The liquidity pairs that are eligible for Jax.Money yield payouts can be found in the liquidity pairs whitelist, which is also set by the governor.

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