How to earn yield as a VRP token holder?

Volatility reserves pool (VRP) tokens are mainly used as collateral to secure WJAX reserves against exchange rate volatility risks. VRP tokens also allow you to vote for a governor. The governor is appointed by the majority (51% of votes). Once elected, he can set the yield for all actors engaged in the Jax.Money platform.

VRP holders receive yield on their holdings, which is a portion of markup and transaction fees. The APY depends on two parameters: the governor setting the yield payout percentage and the number of daily swaps and transactions on the platform. If you are interested to earn this yield, you should stake your WJXN on Jax.Money in order to receive VRP tokens.

Please note that you can swap your VRP tokens back to WJXN as long as the collateral value is more than 100% of WJAX value denominated in BUSD, sell them together with the yield, which is also paid out in WJXN, and enjoy the profit.

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