How to add tokens to the wallet

After the swap tokens will be automatically sent to your wallet. However, your tokens will be visible there only after you add them to the currency list of your wallet.

  1. Open your MetaMask wallet and check if the Binance Smart Chain network is chosen.

  2. Click "Import tokens" at the bottom of your wallet.

  1. Copy and paste the relevant token contract address.

WJXN: 0xca1262e77fb25c0a4112cfc9bad3ff54f617f2e6

WJXN-2: 0x643d58cf4af8f5fa32139981d85b8629802bcd5e

VRP: 0x4eC8A5b59a5e00Fc3afe1D2E129C7BCbAB89C204

WJAX: 0xf07352E8e3b88e8500D24301f5FC05A916d708cc

JAXUD: 0xeff49aED7baaBa69DCBdA577b34850c41e8F5226

JAXRE: 0x86ECE7D9cdA927B3Ec4044Df67B082FA55A1c198

  1. Other fields will be filled automatically, so you only need to click "Next".

  1. Then click "Import" in the next window and you will be able to see the imported tokens in your wallet.

Done! Congrats! 👏

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