How to become a liquidity provider?

1.Connect your Metamask account and go to the “SWAP” page.

2. Deposit the initial investment in BUSD.

3. The smart contract will automatically lock half of your deposit in BUSD and convert the other half to WJAX.

4. You receive daily yield.

How is APY calculated?

APY is set by the governor. Please note that the governor can’t make the APY percentage lower than 25% from the total amount of yield collected in fees.

What liquidity pairs are available?

The governor defines the liquidity pairs that are suitable for yield payouts. Please check the liquidity pairs whitelist here.

How often is the yield paid out?

The yield is paid out on a daily basis in WJXN.

What is the minimum amount?

The minimum amount for BUSD staking is set at 100$.

Where does the yield come from?

The yield comes from the transaction fees and markup fees collected by the contract each time a currency swap or a transaction occurs.

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