How to earn with Jax.Money?

Jax.Money allows you to receive a yield on your holdings. There is a special pool responsible for yield distribution. Each time there is a swap between WJAX and a localized derivative (JAXUD, JAXRE, etc.), a mark-up fee is collected. A transaction fee is also taken from the receiver each time a transaction is done. So, every time you send a transaction, your transaction fee goes to that pool. The same is true for markup fees on any swaps carried out via Jax.Money.

A governance contract lies at the core of the Jax.Money concept. It implies that an elected governor is responsible for the majority of actions on the platform, including settlement of markup and transaction fees. A governor is elected by 51% of volatility reserves pool (VRP) token holders. Everyone can become a VRP holder by swapping their WJXN tokens to VRP tokens. For example, you can swap your WJXN to VRP and participate in the election of a governor.

Who can receive yield payouts? The yield is distributed in WJXN between liquidity providers and VRP token holders according to the percentage proportion set by the governor. By the way, the governor is also entitled to some yield.

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