What are these JAX stablecoins backed by?

All stablecoins that are minted on Jax.Money are backed by JAX (WJAX), which in turn is backed by energy. It means that new coins can only be created when some amount of energy is spent on mining.

How to swap?

  1. Connect your MetaMask account and make sure that you have some BNB (BEP-20) in your wallet.

  2. Choose tokens you want to swap from the dropdown menu.

  3. Check if the tokens you chose are added to your MetaMask wallet.

  4. Enter the amount you would like to swap.

  5. Check details and confirm the swap.

  6. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

What is the exchange rate?

The exchange rate is automatically fetched from DEXs.

What is the fee for swapping?

The markup fee is set by the governor and may vary from 0% to 2.5%.

What cryptocurrencies are supported?

At the moment, you can swap WJAX to JAXRE (JAX RUPEE) and JAXUD (JAX DOLLAR). We plan to complement this list with other localized derivatives in the future.

I don’t see JAX stablecoins in my wallet. How to add them?

  1. Open your MetaMask wallet and check if the Binance Smart Chain network is chosen.

  2. Click on the "Add Token" button at the end of the list of assets.

  3. Open the "Custom Token" tab and paste the token contract address.

JAXUD: 0xeff49aED7baaBa69DCBdA577b34850c41e8F5226

JAXRE: 0x86ECE7D9cdA927B3Ec4044Df67B082FA55A1c198

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