How to add WJAX to your wallet

  1. Go to MetaMask (or any other wallet) and click [Import tokens].

2. Copy in the WJAX contract address and MetaMask should automatically fill in the rest of the details. To finish, click [Add Custom Token].

WJAX contract addresses:

Polygon: 0x1d60AA1D6137Dcb1306C8A901EBd215Ca661d0cb

Smart Chain: 0xf07352E8e3b88e8500D24301f5FC05A916d708cc

Ethereum: 0x2Df380cD3eeB7F1Ee5deB087Fe9FbCF8959095Ee

Avalanche: 0xdD32f4DBA92B04F2d4Ade25dFAD7a127027C379d

3. Click [Import Tokens].

4. Your wallet will now successfully display the balance of the token added.

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