Jax.Mining API

Network Boot Parameters

Feel free to read the full paper or this short article to make some estimations of the economic viability of merge-mining our network.

Shard chains parameters

  • Initial shard count in Jax.Network MainNet is 3
  • Beacon chain average block interval is 600 seconds
  • Shard chain average block interval is 37.5 seconds
  • BC block body size is 768KB
  • SC block body size is 60KB.

Mining parameters

  • Mining hash function is SHA256d, meaning that every device which is used for mining Bitcoin or its forks can be used for merge-mining Jax.Network
  • Hash sorting number is 10
  • Initial BC block difficulty is 2⁶⁴ hashes
  • Initial SC block difficulty is 2⁶⁰ hashes.

Other keynotes

  • The premine size of JXN is 36,000,000
  • The block reward on the beacon chain is set at 20 coins per block after 5 years
  • The initial value of the K-coefficient is 2^-60 JAX/hash, meaning that on average 2⁶⁰ hashes should be computed in order to get 1 JAX
  • There will be timelocks on miners BC block rewards
  • A shard expansion protocol determines the conditions which should be satisfied to open a new shard
  • Miners can vote on the value of the K-coefficient and determine it through a consensus.
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