What is Jax.Network?

Jax.Network is a blockchain that is merge-mined with the Bitcoin blockchain. The Jax.Network blockchain houses an asset coin (JAXNET coin) on the beacon chain and a stablecoin (JAX coin) on the shard chains. JAX coins are truly decentralized, scalable stablecoins that are backed by Bitcoin hashrate.

For more information, visit our website at jax.network.

What is JAX?

The cryptocurrency created on top of Jax.Network shard chains is called JAX. Its value is always stable, as it's based on the cost of 1 unit of computing power. If you are interested in knowing more about JAX you can read our Academic paper.

What is JAXNET?

JXN is issued on top of the beacon chain of the Jax.Network blockchain. It has a fixed reward per block and can be used for speculative purposes and as a store of value.

Where can I store JAX and JAXNET coins?

PeaceWallet is an open-source implementation of a basic wallet for Jax.Network. PeaceWallet allows you to store and manage your BTC, JXN and JAX balances. The PeaceWallet source code including the API code is completely open-source for you to check, enhance, and reuse.

How can I use JAX and JXN?

You can swap them into WJAX and WJXN tokens on the Wrapped JAXNET Website. WJAX and WJXN become an entry point to the DeFi ecosystem for Jax.Network. They allow to add liquidity to decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and other financial applications, bringing utility to our blockchain and facilitating mass adoption.

Our tokens also allow you to earn yield for performing different actions. Whether it’s simple holding or providing liquidity to DEXs, you receive a reward for your effort.

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