Jax.Network Mining API

Jax.Net auto-profit-switching BTC merge-mining is a light-weight service operating with low latency, ensuring near 0% hashrate loss on Bitcoin mining.

Miners receive (BTC + JAXNET + JAX) transaction fees and one of the following when merge-mining BTC + Jax.Network:

BTC + JAXNET as reward for winning block


Option to burn their BTC + JAXNET reward to produce stable JAX coins

Our API helps you merge-mine Jax.Network along with Bitcoin with minimal customization to your existing infrastructure in order to earn higher rewards.

The rewards generated on Jax.Network have instant liquidity on DeFi and can be immediately cashed out. They are also more profitable to mine compared to existing merge-mined coins such as Namecoin.

Our API proposes you different merge-mined blocks along with their expected profitability which you can, if needed, verify programmatically on your side and utilize in your mining.

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