How to buy locked WJXN tokens?

Our asset coin WJXN, a Layer-2 version of JXN, has been successfully traded on DEXs for over three months already. All this time we have been offering investors an option to get locked WJXN tokens at a special price by signing an agreement. We finally simplified this process by introducing a convenient webpage that eliminates all the paperwork.
The only difference between the locked tokens and the original tokens that can be bought on DEXs is that you get these discounted tokens with a lock-in period. As soon as the lock-in period is over, you can do whatever you want with the tokens. All the lock-ins are securely managed through a fully audited token locking contract on the Ethereum network.
The lock-in period varies from 15 to 24 months, depending on the size of the discount. The minimum amount of locked tokens available for purchase is 100 WJXN. So, the lowest price for WJXN is $0.87, including the 50% discount from the unlocked token price. However, if you aren’t ready to wait for 24 months, you can use a 30% discount, which ensures that you get WJXN tokens with a 15-month lock-in period at a price as low as $0.97 per token. We have attached the price card below for your reference.
Feel free to use this guide to view locked WJXN tokens and this one to withdraw unlocked tokens.