Shards in Jax.Network Blockchain
Jax.Network uses sharding to increase the scalability of their blockchain network and, hence, the Bitcoin network. This technology allows to split a large data set, such as a full blockchain ledger, that is then run independently in parallel with each other. As a result, we get an increased number of transactions on the blockchain network in proportion to the number of shards.
JaxNet protocol exploits pure state sharding, meaning that accounts, transactions, and validators are distributed between shards so that verification of a certain transaction doesn’t require any knowledge of the preceding transaction history in other shards.
That means that JAX coins are mined on a different shard chains
As a transaction receiver may often happen to be on a different shard than a sender, there appears a necessity for a transfer hub or exchange hub that will proceed cross-shard transactions.
Last modified 10mo ago
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