Getting Started with PeaceWallet
Learn how to check your balances, send, and receive assets in PeaceWallet.

About PeaceWallet

PeaceWallet is an open-source implementation of a basic wallet for Jax.Network – a blockchain platform that improves the scalability of the Bitcoin network with the Proof-of-Work sharding mechanism and issues a scalable, decentralized stablecoin called JAX. When you use our wallet, you are enjoying full decentralization, as there is no centralized entity to control the network and decision-making.

Getting Started

During the demo testing stage, you can download the latest APK for Android from The wallet will soon be available on Play Store and App Store. You will only need to open your app store platform, search for the PeaceWallet app, and follow the standard installation procedure.

Create a Wallet

Click on the “Create a wallet” button, which appears when you open the app for first time.
Then write down your 12-word backup phrase.
N.B. Make copies of your backup phrase and securely store them in multiple places.
Your private key has been automatically generated. Welcome to PeaceWallet!

Restore a Wallet

Once you launch PeaceWallet, you have two options – create a wallet or restore a wallet. When choosing the second one, a new screen will open. Place the backup phrase in the required field and continue with the restoring process.
N.B. You won’t be able to restore the wallet if you don’t have your backup phrase.

Interface Overview

PeaceWallet has a simple eye-pleasing interface, that focuses your attention on the two main sections: the "Home page" and "Settings".
Open the "Home page" to see your JAX, JXN, and BTC balances, send and receive crypto, and create invoices.

How to Send Assets?

Open the "Home page" and select one of the cryptocurrencies on the top of the screen.
Press the "Send" button.
Enter or paste the address of the receiver. You can also scan the QR code of the invoice, by tapping on the camera icon in the top right corner of the screen.
If you're sending JAX coins, you also need to choose a source shard. Learn more about sharding in the Jax.Network blockchain in this article.
Type the amount you would like to send in and choose the preferable fee from the list.
When the amount, address, and fee fields are filled in click the "Send" button. Check the transaction details and press the "Confirm" button.
Your transaction has been created! Now you can share or copy the transaction ID or check it on the blockchain explorer. Learn more about our explorer in this guide.
N.B. During the demo testing stage, you can top up your wallet with JXN, JAX, or BTC for free! Learn how in our article.

How to Create an Invoice?

If you want to request assets from someone, you can easily do it by creating an invoice.
First, go to the home screen and select a currency.
After pressing the "Receive" button you will see your address and the QR-code. Now you can copy or share your address by clicking on the buttons below or just show the sender the QR-code.

How to Create a Detailed Invoice?

You can also request a transaction with specific details.
Click on the "Edit Options" button.
Now you can set an amount you would like to receive. Click "Apply" to update the QR code.
If you're requesting JAX coins, you can also choose a destination shard. Learn more about sharding on the Jax.Network blockchain in this article.
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