Creating and signing a multisig transaction

  1. Create a multisig address.

1.0. Here is a description of how to create a multisig wallet:

1.1. Select some addresses to get funds:

1.2. Click on “Address” > "Copy" > "Address". You can check detailed information about this address:

2. Create transactions from multisig addresses.

2.1. Go to the utility page, fill out the form, and click the "Create" button.

2.2. You can check a list of UTXOs that will be used:

and copy PSBT (partially-signed bitcoin transaction) in hex or download it as a file:

3. Open Electrum and go to "Tools" > "Load transaction" > "From file" or "Tools" > "Load transaction" > "From hex".

If this is your transaction, you will see greenlighted inputs and the "Sign" button will be active. Transaction status can be:

– Unsigned

– Partially signed

– Signed

4. Press the "Sign" button and export the PSBT. To do this click "Export" > "Export to file".

Save it somewhere, then give this file to your cosigner. He must add his signatures to this tx.

5. When all signatures are in place, export tx as hex string by "Export" > "Copy to clipboard".

6. Go to publish page

7. Select chain and paste a hex sting of the signed transaction.

8. Publish.

Video guide:

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